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Russia, Moldova to discuss Transdnestr, migration in Moscow

The Russian and Moldovan prime ministers will discuss a possible settlement to the breakaway republic of Transdnestr, migration and cooperation in the humanitarian sphere, a government source said Thursday.

Moldovan Prime Minister Zinaida Greceanii is due to arrive in Moscow later on Thursday and will meet with Vladimir Putin on Friday.

"One possible topic of discussion will be the Transdnestr settlement," the source said, adding that the problem had been discussed during negotiations between the two countries' presidents on June 6 in St. Petersburg.

Russia said earlier it expects Moldova and Transdnestr to resume full-scale peace negotiations and is willing to offer assistance.

Transdnestr, along with Georgia's two self-proclaimed republics, South Ossetia and Abkhazia, have stepped up their drive for self-rule since Kosovo's declaration of independence in mid-February, requesting that Russia, the UN and other organizations recognize their sovereignty.

Hopes that talks would finally resume were given a boost after a meeting between the presidents of Transdnestr and Moldova, Igor Smirnov and Vladimir Voronin, in the Transdnestrian city of Bendery in April this year.

Source: RIA Novosti


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